Our Chosen Charity

We have chosen to support a charity which is close to all of our hearts and reflects our military backgrounds.

Rock 2 Recovery

Rock2Recovery was founded by Jamie Sanderson RM and Jason Fox RM, following long careers as senior ranking Royal Marines Commando NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and Instrcutors, which results in medical discharges after the diagnoses of stress illness and brain injury.

Following their unique experiences, Sanderson and Fox recognised the need for rapid preventative interventions, specific coaching and assistance, including the provision of short and long-term refocusing support for veterans leaving the service with brain injuries and mental health issues attributable to their period of service. They are joined by a team of fantastic Specialist Change Management Coaches from across the UK, operating in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, York, Isle of Man, London, Bournemouth, Exmouth and Jersey – with a roving team to go to clients whenever required.

Some of the services they offer include:

– Coaching sessions

– Free helpline

– Workshops and events

– Peer support

How will your donation make a difference?

Rock2Recovery is 24/7 operation, with 6 coaches and 3 welfare officers prepared to do whatever it takes to save a live.

In 2018, their coaches saw 142 Royal Marines and their families, 125 Army personnel and their families, 15 Royal Navy personnel and their families, 7 member of the RAF and their families and 6 others who were in desperate need. Each person meets with a coach miltiple times and no one is signed off, it is left to the individual to determine whether they need Rock2Recovery or not.

Be in no doubt, Rock2Recovery saved a conservative 20 lives in 2018.


The coaches completed 1,100 sessions with serving members of the Armed Forces and veterans in 2018, plus countless phone calls and emails. Of the 295 people seen in 2018, over half Rock2Recovery will not see again and they have prospered. The remainder continue to attend clinics throughout the coming year.

Each clinic sessions costs approximately £227, with the money raised we will be able to support Rock2Recovery in holding these for all veterans in needs and hopefully increase the help available.

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